Waiting for Spring

I usually feel inspired and in action during spring. This year things are moving in an unfamiliar way. This past winter was a challenging one. I was able to ride through knowing that with every dark winter comes the promise of spring. I’ve been taking good care of myself, doing yoga each morning and settling into patience. When will spring arrive? I'm not sure if it's coming for me this year. And... until it does, I will remain the observer of the push-me, pull-you happening within me. Noticing the part that wants to power-through, at odds with the part that wants to retreat. This in-between space isn't comfortable. Transition never is. The space between the no longer, and the not yet.

Artist: Catrin Welz-Stein, "Listen"

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Mother, Daughter, Sister, Designer, Facilitator, Mentor, Women & Girls Advocate, Lover of  Words,
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