Boundaries are up for me in every area of my life. I'm going to spend the next few days getting clear about what works and what doesn't both in personal and professional relationships. I’ve never really done this. I’m going to start with a list of everything that pisses me off. Haha... Seems like a good place to start.

Here’s some thinking I’ve been doing around boundaries over the past few days. The following is adapted from Chani Nicholas’s recent quote.

The more important a boundary is to set, the more intense the internal reaction can be when we finally do. Guilt, anger, shame, frustration and a whole other slew of emotions may arise following the decision to set a boundary. Doubt will try to dissuade. These are just reverberations of an old, outdated strategy system dying. Let it throw a tantrum if it wants to. But after the dust settles, slow down, get clear on what works for you and what doesn't and then keep growing...

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