The Men in My World

I just want to take a moment to give a shout out to all the men in my world who have contributed so much to me and my life. To those who have loved me, supported me, challenged me, made me laugh, cry and think. To the ones who have held me as I cried and who consistently show up, proving to me time and time again that good men, kind men, extraordinary men are plentiful! THANK YOU!!! I LOVE you SO! <3 <3 <3

Kenneth Dickey, Doug Dickey, Arthur Franklin, Aidan Rock-Stierle, Tristan Rock-Stierle, Bill Stierle, Jeff Rosenfield, Toby John Hugh Karlin, Dana Walden, Steve Gardner, Robert Resnick, Richard Tischler, Wayne Marshall, Stan Evenson, John Fitzgerald, Simon D'Arcy, Len Van Nostrand, Michael Landis, Michael Sheely, Mark Butterfield, David Wilcox, Mark Daly, Ray Sutton, Reece Sutton, Danny Gardner, Crisman Cooley, Dominic D'Arcy, Omar De Santos, Craig Dobbin, Craig Joujon-Roche, Leslie Ekker, Brian Shuler, Brian Hilliard, Jeff Brown, Mark Renko, Steve Bennett, Scott Forsman, Roberto G Santana, Randol Eagles, Ray Doktor, Thomas Reidy, Ji-San Lee, Jon S. Portnoff, Andre Akil, Ted Wiederhorn, Jim Alford, Mike Loween, James Hightower, Marshall Rosenberg

Artist: David Lobenberg

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