Redefining Balance

I've recently rewritten my definition of balance. Throughout my life, balance occurred like something to change on my schedule, it was about achieving better time and self management skills. I just needed to get more sleep, work less, reduce stress, go to the gym, eat healthier, spend more time with family and friends, or finally take that long overdue vacation.

Lately balance lives in how quickly I get back to the experience of ‘all is well in my world.’ When something throws me off, balance is now measured by the time it takes me to get through being angry or frustrated and return to a state of wellbeing, both in my thoughts and in life. I love this new context because it’s an inside job; it doesn’t depend on what’s happening around me or the circumstances of life. The power of this mindset lives in my ability to bring compassion to myself and others and be responsible for the meaning I place on things.

Achieving balance now occurs like a fun game to play. I find myself celebrating when something happens that in the past would have been an upset for weeks - that now only takes me hours, sometimes minutes to work though. How fun is that?

Wanna play?

Photographer: Anna Morozova

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