Come Closer

I've been up writing since 4am... about 30 minutes ago I was feeling cold so I walked back to bed to find Tristan curled up sleeping.

I crawled in to cuddle up next to him. I didn't realize how cold my feet were until I felt how incredibly warm his were. Instead of pulling away he moved his feet closer to mine, then without opening his eyes, he turns around to face me, puts his hand on my arm and says. "Mom, you're cold... come closer." He then rubs my arm while wrapping his feet around my feet.

OMG I love this boy. He's not even fully awake and this is his knee jerk response - to be woken from a deep sleep with cold feet - and instead a pulling away - without a beat... he says, come closer.

Ahhhh…. it's moments like this that make life so sweet <3

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