Filled with Gratitude

Today I'm filled with gratitude. I'm grateful for my courage to share the intimate parts of my life and having them be held by you with such grace.

It fulfills on my mission to inspire and empower women to live their greatest version of their grandest vision. I dream of a world where women love, honor and celebrate all aspects of themselves, their past, their present and the future they are living into.

Everyday I’m learning to embrace the places in myself that in the past were the hardest to hold. I’m getting skillful at diving deep into the sadness, fear, shame and vulnerability that live within me. I’m learning to make peace with these feelings, to befriend them and to find the lesson and the gold within each one.

At first this process feels like stepping into a tornado, my body and emotions feel like they're being hijacked, sweeping me up and thrusting my body into chaos. I experience being out of control, lost, scared and uncertain if I’ll make it out alive. And then like magic, I relax into it and my body softens, trusting that I can do this. I’ve been here before and made it through. I trust myself to do it alone and I know when to ask for help.

Every time I allow myself to step into this abyss something miraculous happens. I eventually find myself in the eye of the storm, standing peaceful and unscathed. It is in this place that I can still see the storm swirling around me and not be impacted by it. It is in this place that I receive the gifts and insight into my current situation. Every time I do this I reclaim parts of myself and I exit with more strength, courage and belief in myself. This process is powerful and transformative.

Today I invite you to dive deep and reclaim the parts of you that are the hardest to hold. See them, embrace them, and celebrate them. This is the heroine’s journey, the path to receiving the keys to your Queendom; an opportunity to reclaim your sovereignty and dominion of this one sweet life of yours.

Let us go deep, let us go forth and multiply!

Safe travels on your journey sweet sisters, safe travels <3

Artist: Goli Mahallati

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