Changing Seasons

I am the weight I’ve carried. The burdens I’ve held for too long, and the sadness that at one point felt like it would never end. I am anger transformed. I am the eye of the storm and the peace found within when the world came crashing in. I am the way life unfolds. I am the seasons of change, the way that even the coldest of winters turns into the promise of a new day. Allowing myself to move through each season builds the muscle of certainty. Knowing that the there’s a natural cycle to things, and it’s only in the embracing of each, that I get to experience what it feels like to be fully alive. I get to be… The curious child who sees the world through wonder and awe. The teenager who feels passion and invincibility coursing through her blood. The mother filled with gratitude, the one who embraces life and offers a safe place to land. The Queen who transforms the darkest hour into a lesson learned.

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Mother, Daughter, Sister, Designer, Facilitator, Mentor, Women & Girls Advocate, Lover of  Words,
Beauty, and All Things Feminine...