Happy New Year

This has been one of the most intense years that I've ever experienced, and I know that it has been for a lot of us. My prayer for you in this New Year is that you have the ability to look back upon 2016 and focus on all the good things that happened. The successes, the growth, the connections, the fact that we're still here! I notice even for myself it's easier for me to list all the things that were painful or didn't go my way. But the truth is more good things happened to me this year than ones that I would consider as being 'hard' or 'bad.' One thing that I will walk away with from 2017 is that... I know beyond a shadow of a doubt... that I can handle anything that comes my way. And that now more than ever our voices need to be heard. As women, mothers, partners, sisters and friends - Let us unite. Let us go forth and multiply!

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Mother, Daughter, Sister, Designer, Facilitator, Mentor, Women & Girls Advocate, Lover of  Words,
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