Divorce & Childbirth

So I've had 4 hours of sleep in the last two nights so needless to say I’ve had a lot of time to think... Not always a good thing!

I came up with a metaphor last night at 3am that provided me some comfort and relief so I thought I would share it with you, in hopes that my process supports you through yours.

My experience over the past year has been similar to having a baby. In the beginning when I decided to end my marriage it was similar to finding out that I was pregnant; shocked, nervous, excited and hopeful about new love and meaning. And then the following months were an adjustment period, getting used to all of the changes happening within me, wondering about how it's going to impact my everyday life, and trying to imagine what it will actually look like on the other side. Winter time was like transition; scary, painful and fearful that I couldn’t handle the pain. My midwives during this time were my girlfriends who would sit with me, holding my hand, listening to my pain, wiping tears as they streamed down my face and reassuring me that I could do this, that I WAS doing this. When spring arrived, literally on the first day of spring, I felt like I gave birth to a new me. I felt excited and filled with possibility, dreaming about my new life and the bright future I was living in to. This past week or so has been just another adjustment period, similar to having a new baby; up late, not getting enough sleep while comforting a little one.

This new understanding has allowed my body to settle in such a sweet way, and the yawns are flowing! Oh... I think I can see sleep in my near future.....

Safe travels sweet sisters, safe travels <3

Artist: Helen Nelson Reed

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