Grace and Tenderness

Been reflecting on how we will, often unintentionally, cause at least moments of emotional hurt or turmoil for those we love. We inadvertently bump into an old wound or emotional trigger; we speak out of frustration with the world, ourselves or them; we go unconscious because we are hurt &/or weary; we project our unconscious fears or disappointed dreams. We inevitably bump into each other's sore spots. What matters is- Can we open our hearts to both the other's hurt & our part in it (even unintended & unavoidable) without making it "just their problem" or heaping shame on ourselves. Learning to hold ourselves & the other tenderly when emotions are high is not easy, but it's worth taking whatever baby steps we can manage in that direction. Love is not just a noun- it's also a verb, a choice, a teacher of grace & tenderness.

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