Today I mourn

Today I mourn; mourning the loss of friends and lovers who no longer fill my days with conversations and connection. Even though I'm learning to ride the ebbs and flows of time passing, today I'm allowing sadness to fill me.

I can feel my body shake as I write this. And as I expereince the pain rising and falling, I'm grateful for the willingness to let my body tremble; letting myself feel the visceral depths of emotions as they course through me. I'm able to witness the fleeting thoughts that I need love and comfort from some place outside myself. And as they pass, I continue my journey downward, down into the unknown. It feels scary and uncomfortable and it's calling me.

Today I mourn. Welcoming my tears and trusting my body to land safely on shore.

Artist: Gregory Radionov

#SuzanneRock #TheSelfFullWoman #Healing #Mourning

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