How 67k likes on Facbook kicked my a**

This morning I woke up feeling anxious and excited. It's wild how the older I get the more I can inhabit seemly opposing feelings and experiences at the same time. In the past month I've experienced unimaginable loss and pain and then at the same time the deepest experience of love and possibility that I've ever known. I've been stretched further than I thought possible and the truth is I feel completely lit up and terrified at the same time.

Last month I posted a quote from Brene Brown with a picture of Helen Mirren on my Facebook page and within 5 days I received 66K likes/loves and 1700 new friend requests.

Suzie, the teenage girl within me kept saying, You're Blowin' Up! I felt like Sally Field during her Oscar acceptance speech for Norma Rae, it's an undeniable fact, you like me, right now you really like me. Every time I had the thought I would burst out laughing at myself.

Suzanne, the mother within me just smiled at my younger self and how she always makes everything about her. Silly girl.

And then Victoria, the wisest part of me said in her resonate tone, it's time. The reason this message struck a chord within so many women is because collectively it's time for women to rise, it's time to stand up and be seen. It’s time to bring our strengths and gifts to each other and the world. It’s time for human values of love, courage, vulnerability to rule the day. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand idle when my brothers and sisters are being killed in the streets. It’s not f**king OK!!!!

And I want change, and so does every woman I know. I give my life to this mission, to support and empower women to let go of every false belief she’s ever had about herself, to help her see the gold and power within her. I’m not talking about power-over (dominance) or power-less (victim) but power-with, Power-With herself and others. Living my life by example, modeling the tools I've used to navigate through treacherous terrain and come through the other side with more strength and more belief in myself. And the coolest thing is that I’m not alone, women who empower women are everywhere.

So to me, this post was a confirmation (a metaphoric kick in the a**) that we all share the same desire as woman; the desire to love and cherish ourselves and others, the desire for safety, trust and love within ourselves, in our relationships, in our families, in our communities and in the world.

So now what? I’m going to listen to my wisest voice and take action today, now, action on my mission to empower and inspire the lives of women. I have the desire, energy and passion to refocus my energy into work that I love that fulfills my vision:

"If I could stand for one thing - if I could change one world condition, it would be to transform the way women are loved, honored and celebrated in the world. I give my life to this vision and every word, action, and project that I'm involved in comes from my desire to live in a world that embraces the feminine."

More to come sweet sisters, more to come…

Model: Sarah Jane Adam Photographer: unknown

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