Your story isn't calm

Your story isn't calm. The road has been chaotic at times, filled with detours and rain and loss so sudden, and soon. Sometimes the depth of intimacy was all encompassing and your heart stretched way beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes it was thrilling to have, and then heartbreaking to lose. You learn soon enough that it hardly ever goes as planned -- gentle, easy, and smooth.

But that my sweet friend, is what makes you fascinating. You have something to tell. Something you've walked through. Something wild. Something courageous. Something true. You're made of stories within stories within even more stories that are sewn together like a beautifully woven quilt. Wear them proudly, revel in your one beautiful life, this is it, why not REIGN?

Artist: Richard Burlet

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Mother, Daughter, Sister, Designer, Facilitator, Mentor, Women & Girls Advocate, Lover of  Words,
Beauty, and All Things Feminine...