My son is becoming a man

I love how connected my son Aidan is to his emotions. He asked if I would buy him a game and I said I would pay for $20 if he could get the other $20 another way. He then charged $40 to my card because he wasn't clear about my communication. I instantly felt upset and thought that he just did what he wanted but his response softened me. He sat down and placed his hand gently on my knee. I could tell that he really didn't hear me by his reaction. He welled up and I asked what was happening with him. He said he felt sad because it didn't meet his need for consideration of me. He didn't hear what I said. He repeated what he thought he heard me say and I could see why he misinterpreted my words. I was so moved by his ability to feel his strong emotion in relation to how it impacted me. I got a glimpse of what a powerful man and partner he is growing into. I love this young man!

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