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What Clients are Saying

“In over a 30-year period, I have participated in many personal development seminars, workshops, and retreats. Suzanne's workshop is at the top of the list in regards to overall value. It was informational, fun, deeply moving, insightful, and offered practical tools that I still use years later. I am more confident and find that I am walking differently, with a sense of power, joy, and freedom. I feel more accepting and loving of myself. The knowledge that I gained is something that I will always treasure. Thank you, Suzanne, for creating such an amazing program!” 

Jasmine R.


"I have worked with Suzanne for individual mentoring and couples coaching. I can say, without exaggeration, that her combination of empathy, strength, patience, compassion and insight have helped keep my marriage together, my emotional life balanced, and my goals and dreams closer than ever. Suzanne Rocks!" Rebecca S. 

"I just want to say you're one of the most beautiful, sensitive, and loving people I know, yet you've got this additional gift of power to move mountains and stir things up in the most amazing and positive way. I congratulate you for always being a stand for grace, beauty, integrity, love, and are a wonderful role model for both genders. Thank you!" Stan E.

"Suzanne Rock has been such an inspiring woman in my life. She is not only a friend but has served in the capacity of counselor and healer of wounds to me and to my daughters. Years ago, my daughter desperately needed counseling, and no ordinary counselor would do. She needed someone who she could completely trust, who had been through what she was going through and more and could listen without judgment or forceful advice, due to the delicate nature of a teenager. Not only did my daughters feel safe with her, but they felt that she completely understood them, and was able to give them guidance from real experience, in a way that they could truly hear and understand. Healing comes naturally to Suzanne because she is so intuitive and empathic. She has the strength of her name, a rock, but the softness and sensitivity of one who understands human nature and has maintained her kindness, faith, and belief in humanity. Her insights are always spot on and she really cares. No ego, no trying to fix it, just loving guidance. I am so grateful to know Suzanne and to be able to call her anytime for her loving compassion and sound guidance." Gypsy R.

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“I loved these classes, the women, the comfortable home… so relaxed and beautiful. I really enjoyed sitting in the circle with the other women as each of us uncovered limiting beliefs, came to beautiful realizations and made positive connections out of old patterns. It was truly an amazing experience!” Lisa K.


“I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever experienced the true value of women and the gifts that each of us has. I spent so much of my life competing with other women, or feeling judged by them. I had no idea how beautiful woman are in all shapes and sizes, that we all have similar struggles, concerns, and dreams. I feel like this program has opened me up to true friendships. I have found a new place within myself where I feel so loving, so much gratitude. I feel like I used to see women in black and white and now they are in full color! I recommended Suzanne's programs to every woman I know!” Krista B.


"Over the past seven months, Suzanne has been mentoring me through some very challenging and painful transitions. I know that I would have not been able to navigate through these changes with as much honesty, accountability and courage without her support. Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the fears that have kept me stuck for years. She helped me to clearly identify my core values and use these as a guide to making important decisions and taking necessary actions. Her loving, insightful approach and guidance always have me leaving our sessions with renewed hope and inspiration." Jody W.


"I have been in therapy for about 10 years and have seen many therapists, and Suzanne's mentoring skills stand out and far above the rest. I have made more progress with her coaching than I ever did with therapists. She has helped me to become a stronger and more capable individual then I ever thought possible. I look forward to every session with her." Michelle G.