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Casa De Soul Mentoring  & Retreats for Women

Your identity often changes during a transition. Sometimes it's a sudden or shocking event; an empty nest, losing a job or even a loved one.  And other times it happens over years. Leaving you asking the question, what happened to me? I used to be so... Bold, loving, confident, fun, (enter adjective here).


Our retreats and mentoring practice is designed to support you in gaining clarity and the skills you need to navigate the complexity of change. It will help you put relationships and life transitions into perspective and set the stage for your successful next phase.

Every transition requires courage and support:

  • Beginning, ending or reinventing a relationship

  • Creating a new relationship with yourself

  • An empty nest

  • Parenting and the phases of family life

  • The Loss of a loved one

  • Retirement or professional change

I love supporting women in creating lives they love. I provide mentoring for individuals, couples, friends, and mothers & daughters. I use certified communication techniques, personal development tools, experiential exercises, empathy, intuition, and healing modalities to guide my clients.


Each of our sessions may focus on one particular area or a variety of situations, such as:

  • Developing life serving communication with yourself and others

  • Uncovering blocks that keep you stuck

  • Learning new ways to transition through life stages and changes

  • Defining your strengths, passions, and life purpose

  • Taking action in areas that matter to you most

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Providing tools that give you access to power and freedom
in the areasof life that matter 
to YOU most!

Call Suzanne at (310) 433-8776 to set up your FREE 30 minute session to see if working together will be a good fit.

What a woman often yearns for is a break from her busy life, away from the status quo routine and constant noise, to listen inwards and reconnect to herself, to slow down to clarify what she needs and truly wants, only then will the next steps become clear.